• Trusted Audiology Professionals
    Serving Families for over 50 years

  • Family Hearing Center continues to provide the most advanced diagnostic services and amplification technology to benefit hearing impaired patients and their families. With more than ninety years of combined experience, the licensed audiologists at Family Hearing Center are the most experienced audiology group in the area, currently providing services for hearing impaired individuals from birth to over 100 years of age. 

    Whether your hearing healthcare needs are a complete exam, a hearing aid clean and check, a new hearing aid evaluation, or anything in between, we promise to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance your hearing.

    Services We Provide:

    • Hearing tests and screenings for all ages
    • Hearing aid repairs, fittings, adjustments, maintenance, and programming
    • FM System fittings, repairs, adjustments, maintenance, and programming
    • Musician's and Industrial ear plugs
    • Auditory Processing Evaluations
    • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing
    • Tympanometry
    • Otoacoustic Emissions
    • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
    • Conditioned Play Audiometry
    • Industrial Hearing Screenings
    • Acoustic Reflex Testing
    • Swim Plugs
    • Hearing Health Care Education
    • Aural Rehabilitation
    • Other Hearing Accessories

    Diagnostic Testing

    A hearing test is completed in a sound-treated booth using earphones and an audiometer. The audiometer sends tones at different frequencies to each ear to check the softest sounds you can hear. Upon completion, we discuss the results and identify any areas of concern.

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