• Client Testimonials

  • "Everyone at the office is kind and patiet. You don't have to wait for an appointment, they will get you in. The kindness keeps me coming back. This is the place to come."
    - Virginia O.

    "When we found out about our son's hearing severe loss, we were devastated.  Dr. Knecht has been so kind, compassionate, and informative.  We couldn't ask for a better doctor and facility!"
    - J.M.

    "If you have been struggling with hearing loss, go see the people at Family Hearing Center.  You will be able to hear amazing sounds that you have forgotten over the years, like birds chirping!  You will also be able to enjoy watching TV with your family."

    - J.F., wearing Oticon hearing aids

    "I'm so glad I got these hearing aids before my vacation. I was able to hear the ocean, just like when I was a kid! I didn't realize how much I was missing."
    - R.C., wearing Oticon hearing aids

    “I just received my second pair of hearing aids from Asby and Zeigler. The service has always been outstanding. I have had appointments with all four audiologists and they are all excellent!”
    - Charles C.

    “Thank you so much Dr. Knecht for taking great care of our baby girl! Allison really does adore you.”
    - N.L.

    "Thank you for your patience with me while I took time to accept my hearing loss. Things are so much better now that I have hearing aids.” 

    - S.M., wearing Oticon mini RITEs

    “She worked really well with my son. He has some difficulties with fear of doctors and she just made him feel totally comfortable. He even hugged her.”
    - Mamadou Z.

    “The high-tech office and staff helped confirm my concerns and recommended options that will help me stay independent at 91 years young. Dr. Ziegler is the best!”
    - Muriel C.

    “I like their kindness.”

    - Colston G.

    “I couldn't be more pleased with my hearing aids.  The staff is compassionate and caring. You won’t go wrong with Family Hearing Center. My Hearing Aids are called ReSound, Love them. I work in a Nursing home and need to hear everything I can and with these Hearing Aids I can.
- L.B.

    "We felt comfortable with our old doctor, but that we wanted more service options. After working with Dr. Zeigler we found that there were services that were not offered at my former audiologists. Dr. Zeigler knew just what we needed and we've been seeing him ever since."

    - Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stamos

    “People no longer have to speak loudly. Everything that I speak is at a decent tone. I get compliments about my hearing aid.”

    - Catherine S.

    “Like getting new molds for my ears "
    - Age 8,  Joey B.

    "You rescued me from isolation." 

    - J.P., after being fit with ReSound Linx2 hearing aids

    “These hearing aids have changed my life. I wouldn't have admitted this before, but if I didn't get hearing aids, I would have had to retired. Now I'm able to do my job well, and I just signed a contract to work a few more years! Thank you for changing my life.” 

    - Anonymous, wearing Oticon mini RITEs

    “After my visit with you, I felt a burden had been removed and I had been given a gift...” 

    - A.A., wearing Phonak hearing aids

    “I can't begin to tell you how much you have help me 'hear'!”
    - B.R., recently fit with Oticon hearing aids

    "The hearing aids I received from you are the best I ever had in my lifetime so far. I totally love the FM system and using the boot for FM. I also love the size of the hearing aids. Also the t-switch (I use for phone) helps! Thanks."

    - Mrs. Paulson

    "I love the ear plugs. I haven't had any problems. It does feel a little weird that they're not all the way in, but they work great. So I just wanted to thank you, and yes I'm telling my musician friends to come and see you. "
    - Mr. Allen Moore

    "My life has totally changed. When I left your office that day, I was able to hear the birds sing, and able to hear my footsteps. I started to cry! These hearing devices have also changed my families' lives as well. They can speak to me in a more normal way. My husband is very happy to not have to repeat a question to me."
    - Mrs. Kay O'brien

    "I can't get over the fact that I lived 10 years with my hearing loss. I now tell everyone about my life changing experience and urge anyone who has hearing loss to get help."
- Mr. Michael Adams

    "...You improved the quality of my life, that is what you did..."
    - N.W.,
    after being fit with a second hearing aid

    "At the restaurant, my friends were amazed about how well I could hear. They said I was very 'engaged' that day. They couldn't see my hearing aids though and didn't even know I had them!"
    - J.K., recently fit with ReSound hearing aids

    "The TV attachment is the greatest thing in the world. I can enjoy TV now and I'm able to watch TV more often. It is also so much more comfortable than the TV attachment that I used before. With the old TV attachment, I had to wear large uncomfortable headphones that made my ears sore."

    - A.M., using the ReSound Unite TV accessory with hearing aids

    "I haven't heard the birds in years. Now, not only can I hear them, I can identify the birds by their songs again"
    - H.J., wearing ReSound hearing aids

    "The TV is noticeably lower now that mom has her hearing aids. She hears the TV better that I do!"
    - son of B.D.

    "These are the best hearing aids I have ever worn. They make me happier than any other hearing aids I've tried. Program 2 for noisy places is amazing. It cuts down almost all of the background noise, but I can still hear conversation."
    - A.M.

    "It was the first time I could hear my children giggling."
- L.F.

    "I am so pleased. Everything just sounds brighter."

    - H.J., wearing ReSound hearing aids

    "...I love my hearing aids. Wearing one in each ear is a big improvement. I hear so much better in noise."
- L.M.

    "I give this hearing aid a better review than [my older hearing aid]. It sounds more natural now and I feel like I am getting used to these hearing aids quicker... I don't have to turn this up and down like I did before."

    - S.K.

    "These aids are nothing like my older aids. I’m able to wear them all day long without irritation. They have greatly improved my ability to hear in noise."
    - C.S.

    "It’s a great aid, a wonderful machine. I am sure you hear that a lot...I don’t even know it is there..."

    - J.M., wearing ReSound hearing aids

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